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2024 Mitsubishi Triton

The next-generation Mitsubishi Triton has made its debut with a strong emphasis on enhanced performance, technology, and value, positioning itself as a competitive player in the utility vehicle segment. The 2024 Triton boasts a new twin-turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder diesel engine delivering 150kW of power and 470Nm of torque, which is standard across the range. This engine not only provides sufficient power but also exhibits notable refinement, being quieter compared to its predecessor and offering improved performance metrics. Additionally, the vehicle features a six-speed automatic transmission, with plans to introduce a manual option later​ (DiscoverAuto)​.

From a driving perspective, the Triton demonstrates capabilities both on and off the road. Its on-road behavior is commendable, with advanced assistance technologies like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist enhancing the driving experience. However, it lacks some of the semi-autonomous features found in competitors. Off-road, the Triton impresses with its Super Select II 4WD system and various driving modes, making it adept at handling a range of terrains and conditions. The vehicle's design also contributes to its off-road proficiency, with favorable approach, ramp-over, and departure angles, along with adequate ground clearance​ (CarExpert)​.

In terms of features and equipment, the Triton comes well-equipped across its range, with higher trims like the GLS and GSR offering more advanced features and luxury elements. The inclusion of modern safety and convenience features, such as a surround-view camera system and various driver-assist technologies, reflects Mitsubishi's commitment to safety and user comfort. The model lineup showcases a range of options catering to different needs and preferences, ensuring a broad appeal​ (CarExpert)​​ (DiscoverAuto)​.

Comparatively, the Triton presents good value, especially when juxtaposed against its primary competitors like the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux, offering a compelling package of features, performance, and comfort at a competitive price point. With its latest iteration, the Triton aims to strengthen its position in the market, targeting buyers who prioritize value, capability, and comfort in their utility vehicle​ (DiscoverAuto)​.

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