Cheapest Electric Vehicle for Sale in Australia in 2024

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Cheapest Electric Vehicle for Sale in Australia in 2024

In 2024, Australia's electric vehicle (EV) market offers a variety of affordable options for those looking to make the switch to electric driving. Among the contenders, the GWM Ora stands out as the cheapest electric car available in Australia for a limited time, with its 2023 run-out model priced from $35,990 before on-road costs until March 31, 2024. After this date, prices for the 2024 model year are expected to start from $39,990 before on-road costs, reaching up to $51,990​​.

The BYD Dolphin follows closely behind, priced from $38,890 before on-road costs, boasting features like a high-quality interior, good passenger and storage space, and innovative in-car technology. It's noted for its affordability while not skimping on quality or features​​.

Another competitive option is the MG 4, starting at $39,990 before on-road costs. This model offers sleek styling, good driving dynamics, and a variety of battery sizes and trims, catering to different needs and preferences​​.

The MG ZS EV, recognized as the cheapest electric SUV in Australia, starts at $40,990 before on-road costs following a recent price reduction. It presents an attractive option for those seeking an affordable electric SUV​​.

Rounding out the affordable range, the BYD Atto 3 starts at $48,011 before on-road costs. This model has quickly become a popular choice among Australian EV buyers, offering great in-car technology, a premium finish, and generous interior space​​.

The competitive pricing of these vehicles, particularly from brands like BYD and MG, indicates a trend towards more affordable electric vehicles in Australia. This shift is making electric driving accessible to a broader range of consumers, supported by government incentives that further reduce the cost of ownership​​.

For those considering purchasing an EV in Australia in 2024, these models represent some of the most budget-friendly options on the market. Whether you're looking for a compact car, a stylish hatchback, or a versatile SUV, there's likely an electric vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

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